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Phone (voicemail only): (503) 446-6065

Need Help?

Have you been experiencing abuse, harassment, or exploitation at your residence or workplace?
Our primary work involves engaging in direct action campaigns that target a specific boss or landlord in order to achieve demands for workers or tenants. While our organization embraces the broader struggle for worker and tenant rights self-determination, we take on campaigns in response to specific instances of abuse by bosses or landlords.

Has your boss…

  • Fired you unfairly or illegally?
  • Stolen or withheld wages?
  • Threatened or harassed you or other employees?

Has your landlord…

  • Evicted you or threatened to evict you unfairly or illegally?
  • Refused or needlessly delayed repairs?
  • Stolen or withheld your deposit?

If any of these are the case, call or email us and we’ll discuss your situation and what we can do.