LKQ demand delivery 1

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Andrew was promised a raise by his managers at an automobile recycling shop after taking on multiple new job responsibilities. After months passed with no sign of the raise, Andrew inquired with management on its status, only to find that his bosses denied ever promising it in the first place. The withheld raise was the last straw for Andrew and his co-workers, who had already had enough of the dangerous work environment, lack of transparency in the workplace, and constant intimidation by management. When word got to the bosses that Andrew and his co-workers were going to meet to discuss forming a union, the general manager fired Andrew, gave him what was claimed to be pay for the next two weeks, which ended up being several days short, and had him escorted from the property. The company has since blocked in court Andrew’s access to unemployment benefits by claiming that he quit the job.

We as a community are going to stand with Andrew in demanding that his former bosses pay him what he is owed in back wages for the raise he was promised and stop the lies that claim Andrew quit so that he can receive the unemployment benefits he is entitled to. In so doing, we want to send a clear message to bosses in Portland that they can’t bully workers into silence. Please join us in delivering Andrew’s demands to his managers!