Portland Solidarity Network (PDXSol) is committed to being a group where people of many different identities and backgrounds can feel comfortable and respected. We request that everyone respect each other and help to create a positive environment free from oppressive actions, behaviors, and language. This pertains to PDXSol meetings, events, correspondence, and printed materials.

We consider oppressive actions to mean discrimination or treating someone as inferior based on their race, gender identity, age, size, class background, ability or disability, sexual orientation, culture or religion, or means and methods of self-expression. This can include talking over or interrupting someone at a meeting, being condescending, discounting someone’s opinions unfairly, using offensive slurs, or harassment of any type. As a general rule, if you think something might make someone feel uncomfortable or disrespected, refrain or ask a PDXSol member about whether it could be considered offensive outside the context of the meeting or event.