When you work for a living, every dollar counts.
Breaks denied, unpaid overtime, tips withheld, illegal deductions – this is wage theft!

  • Are you not paid for all the hours you work?
  • Are you required to skip or shorten your 10-minute break?
  • Are you forced to interrupt your 30-minute lunch to work?
  • Do you need to stay at work longer than the hours scheduled & not paid to finish your task?
  • Are you working off the clock before or after your shift?
  • Has your boss kept your tips?

You can fight wage theft to win the money and the respect that you are due!

Call the Wage Theft Hotline: 503-345-7831 or Contact us now!

Our economy has few jobs, lots of workers, and agencies without the staff to enforce wage laws, this creates perfect circumstances for abusive bosses to think they can get away with wage theft, and a community that must take action into our own hands! We have seen again and again that workers, with community support, can fight wage theft and win.